The spa

A space of well-being

The château des Fines Roches, ideally located in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, among the vineyards, has conceived a unique space of well-being, nearby its swimming pool, restaurant and rooms. 

A cocooning space that provides treatments for an ideal moment of relaxation with balneotherapy and sauna.

The Vinésime lab designed its range of cosmetic products by including the heart of the earth ; the grape and the know-how of viticulture. Discover unique  treatments in the region including grape must.

A good opportunity to live a unique experience with the colors and scents of the greatests vineyards. Exclusive protocols combining the art of care and a proven effectiveness for a fortified skin, with an unequaled radiance and enhanced beauty.

Practical information

Open by appointment only. We suggest that you arrive at least 5 minutes before the beginning of your treatment. Any delay will lead to a reduction of the duration of your treatment.

We please ask you to inform us if you are concerned by the following contraindications : medical treatment, recent surgery, hypertension issues, allergies, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Spa provide all the necessary equipment: bathrobe, towels, slippers... available either in your room or at the Spa entrance.
In our Duo formulas, couples have to access the Jacuzzi and Sauna in the same time frame.

The Spa access in open to our hotel clients but also to non-residents guests. We please ask you to keep your valuable items in a safe. We disclaim any liability for theft or loss. The access is prohibited for minors under 18 years old.

For the comfort of all our guests, alcohol and tobacco consumption is not recommended. We please ask you to switch off your mobile phones.

All the treatments provided in our Spa are well-being massages.

Our Spa formulas

Les Clos de Beauté Visage Vinésime

Les Clos de Beauté Visage Vinésime

Parenthèse Beauté
The accuracy of the Vinésime manual techniques for the benefit of your skin. A discovery treatment, stimulating and invigorating to awaken your skin.
  25 min     45,00 €
Vin’ Hydra Intense
A sensorial escape providing rest and well-being throurough relaxing movements combining accu pressures and in-depth smoothing. This facial treatment brings comfort and radiance to your skin, the application of a specific Vinésime mask allows to improve and maintain its hydration rate. Facial features are relaxed, the complexion radiant.
  50 min     90,00 €
Modelage liftant anti-âge du Visage
This modelling is a specific massage of the face and oval including technical movements from the "japanese lifting".
  50 min     90,00 €
Rituel 100% Masculin
This treatment is typically masculine, created for them, combining purity, radiance and youth.
  50 min     99,00 €
Force vitale de la vigne
A global anti-ageing face treatment for an incomparable radiance, a smoothing of the skin and a firm skin. The A2OC* complex boost the skin energy and reinforce its defenses.
  50 min     110,00 €
*anti-oxidant and cellular oxygenation
L’ Évasion ‘’Lointaine’’

L’ Évasion ‘’Lointaine’’

Parenthèse à la demande
Personalize your massage and choose a target area : alternate between the back, the legs or the face ; this custom treatment will provide you a deep letting go.
  25 min     55,00 €
Massage Californien
Slow, relaxing and wrapping movements, a smooth and soft massage to reconcile body and mind. It helps the letting go and awakening of the senses. It is ideal for anyone feeling overworked, tired or tense.
  25 min     70,00 €  -    50 min     110,00 €
Massage Deep Tissu
Slow pressure massage originating in the United States for deep muscle relaxation. Ideal for athletes or people with frequent tension.
  25 min (back only)     75,00 € -   50 min    139,00 €
Massage Balinais
This energetic massage of Indonesian origin provides a deep relaxation and readjust body and mind by its rhythm and its tonic and relaxing movements. Ideal for anyone who is feeling stressed, men and athletes.
  25 min     75,00 €  -    50 min     139,00 €
Massage Ayurvédique
The ABHYANGA, massage of indian tradition is tonic and invigorating. It brings back energy and vitality thanks to its various rhythms. It readjust the body and the mind as a whole. Ideal for anyone, at the change of season.
  25 min     75,00 €  -    50 min     139,00 €
Massage Crânien
The Kerala, this scalp and top of the back massage, allows to relieve your head, face and neck's nervous tensions. Ideal for anyone who is stressed and a cerebral person.
  50 min     100,00 €
Réflexologie Plantaire
Foot and foot arch massage of Thai origin, it consists of relaxing movements and specific pressure points. It allows to reduce tensions generated by stress and remove toxines from the body. It soothes the body and rebalance the energies.
  50 min     110,00 €
Les Clos de Beauté Corps Vinésime

Les Clos de Beauté Corps Vinésime

Pause stimulante Grand cru
This body exfoliation refine the skin texture and rid the impurities. The skin recovers its radiance and smoothness which facilitate the penetration of active ingredients.
  25 min     50,00 €
Soin enchanteur relaxant
A relaxing multi-sensory massage based on effleurage strokes for complete harmonization of the body and senses.
  50 min     95,00 €
Balade énergisant Grand cru
A complete treatment that combines a global exfoliation and a relaxing modelling.
  75 min     110,00 €
Échappée anti-age & bien-être
A combination of a relaxing massage to unwind body and mind, followed by an anti-aging grape body wrap to restore youth and vitality.
  75 min     110,00 €
Divine Escapade dans les vignes
Combination of manual techniques and relaxing poultices with grape marc and grape seeds.
  50 min     110,00 €
Voyage Grand Millésime
An escape combining a grand cru scrub, a relaxing and stimulating massage to awaken the body and an anti-ageing wrap to enhance the skin.
  110 min     160,00 €
Pause Bien-être
A benefit for the "Face and Body" including a 20 minutes scrub, a 30 minutes relaxing modelling and a 60 minutes face treatment. For a maximum relaxation.
  110 min     210,00 €
Duo formulas

Duo formulas

Duo massage
A relaxing duo massage to enjoy together.
  25 min    160,00 €  -    50 min    280,00 €
SPA & massage
Jacuzzi or sauna session + relaxing massage for couples.
  50 min (25 + 25)     240,00 €
Jacuzzi or sauna session + relaxing massage for couples.
  75 min (25 + 50)     350,00 €
Escale au Château

Escale au Château

Sauna and spa access
  30 min     30 € / pers. -    1h    60 € / pers.
Every extra quarter-hour   15 €

How excessive you are in Provence! All is extreme, your torridities, your calms, your north winds... there is nothing gentle nor temperate.

How excessive you are in Provence! All is extreme, your torridities, your calms, your north winds... there is nothing gentle nor temperate.

Marquise de Sévigné

Sauna & balneo

A moment of serenity and relaxation

Our balneo, with a scented and revitalised atmosphere will improve your sleep and your muscular relaxation. The sauna, just in front, will help to reduce your tensions, relieve rheumatism and purify your skin.

The swimming pool

A magnificent view on the vineyards

Calm and rest assured in this spacious and delightful swimming pool where it feels good to soak up the sun of Provence, enjoying the services available in the bar à la carte menu. 
The swimming pool is accessible to local guests who booked the SPA formula. 

Activities at the Castle

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