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The wine of Fines-Roches is already incomparable

The wine of Fines-Roches is already incomparable
Extract from " La Croix " newspaper
" Between Avignon, city of Popes and Orange, city of emperors, we can spot on the banks of the Rhône, the pleasant hillsides of the municipality of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, whose exquisite wines were already highly acclaimed in the ancient time when the good Pope Clément V, leaving Avignon with his lazy mule, went there to relax while cultivating himself his favorite vineyard, that is, in a time when the renown didn't benefit, like today, of some magical winds to run around the world and arouse the curiosity of gourmets.

Today, the efforts of Fines-Roches owner are paying off. The grapes varieties of small Syrah, beautifully exposed, give a delicious wine, of rubis color, whose fine bouquet (different from bordeaux or burgundy aromas) leave a delicate impression of freshness and life on your palate. The Fines-Roches wine is already incomparable. Tommorow, his renown will be worldwide.