The Fines Roches
castle history

And a bit of Châteauneuf-du-Pape

The construction of the castle as seen by Anselme Matthieu

The construction of the castle as seen by Anselme Matthieu
Anselme Matthieu, the dean of Félibres

A friend of Henri-Auguste Constantin, Anselme Matthieu lived in the castle for some time and participated in its inauguration. 

" A man had come, and putting aside the conventional culture processes at the domain of Fines Roches , brought new ones.  Sacrificing all to the expected future of his vineyards, he did wonders at Châteauneuf. During several months, machines had turned over the soil, digging it deep under the pebbles, the fields were suddenly levelled ; the sleeping sap was awakening with a new identity.

And while the once famous vineyards of Châteauneuf were coming back to life, an impressive castle, built according to the plans of the former summer residence of the Popes (which was destroyed in 1631 by the baron des Adrets) was standing, majestic, on the Fines Roches land, outlining its towers and crenels on the blue sky. The domain had a distinctive trademark.  touch dans le ciel bleu ses tours et ses créneaux. Le domaine avait sa véritable marque. The past was brought completely to life. "